Pokémon MV “GOTCHA!” Impression

I was so exited when I watched the MV in the Pokémon official news on 29 September.

I watched the MV many times after the news. Finally I calmed down, which enabled me to start to express my impressions.

If you played at least 2 generations of Pokémon, you must enjoy the MV. Anyway, watch the MV.

The MV “GOTCHA!” is so so cool!! Everywhere, it is cool.
I haven’t played several generations of Pokémon, so that it’s a shame that I did not notice a few topics in the MV.

I express my impression in order of the MV. I am not Pokémon master, so please forgive me whether there are some mistakes.

The main characters of Pokémon Let’s Go may be the main characters of this MV.

Gym Leaders are categorized by their types.
I did not notice them because the movement is too fast.
This scene is very good because the out of the main screen has also topics. How does your favorite character moves?

Moving shadows.
Successive Legendary Pokémons, bosses, and main characters.
This scene is very cool because these are expressed by shadows.
We rarely meet Legendary Pokémons. Bosses should be secret. And, main characters are players.

At the music modulation, all champions and their last card Pokémons.
I was very excited because the combination of the music and the scene.

Recently, we need to call them friends rather than rivals.
Silver seems to be rewarded.
Personally speaking, Green is so cool because of his appearance and attitude.

Battle at Mt. Shirogane.
Those who played Gold/Silver versions should be impressive.
Red is as cool as Green!

Take a break, and then the Sword/Shield part starts.
I knew the meaning of this break is Primal Reversion from other’s explanation.

In this part, the Gym Leaders appear in the order (like photographing?).
The sixth pair are mother and child, so the sixth pair has less discomfort than the fourth pair has.
The champion and rivals appear.
Pop is cool. However, his bro occupies him… Oh, Pop…poor.
Cinderace and Charizard are treated preferentially. (So cool!!)

By the way, why do the main characters in the MV leave their partner Pokémon?

Doctors watch over the main characters.
The doctors in the back row is something wrong?

Successive first Pokémons. Cute!

Episode after Hall of Fame.
I did not notice the Delta Episode. When you notice the elements of the Delta Episode, please let me know.

Ending is Mew and a Pokémon Trainer.
I like it because it represents Pokémon.

Throughout the MV, the tempo, and slowness and fastness are so cool. I was very satisfied.
The Pokémon’s long history helps us to be satisfied.
We rarely meet such a amazing movie.
I want to keep this feeling from this encounter of the MV.

The reason why I post no picture is that I want you to watch the MV!

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